Twin Falls Civil Law Attorney

With more than thirty years of experience handling civil law cases as an attorney in Twin Falls, attorney Dunlap has handled a variety of cases. He devotes all necessary resources to your case to ensure that it’s handled carefully from start to finish. Your legal and financial interests are kept in mind, so that you don’t waste precious resources. Every move is strategically made to give you the best chance at obtaining your desired outcome.

Property Disputes & Evictions Attorney in Twin Falls

Mr. Dunlap is please to represent clients in all matters of property disputes related to residential and commercial real estate. He thrives on finding workable solutions that respect all parties involved in a speedy manner. From purchasing a large building that you will lease out to multiple tenets to having a neighbor build their new storage shed on part of your land, you can count on attorney M. Lynn Dunlap to get the situation handled quickly and efficiently.

Mr. Dunlap has also helped hundreds of landlords with evicting tenants who, for one reason or another, needed to be released from the contract. He will carefully listen to understand the situation and then go through your contract to ensure that you aren’t violating the terms of it in calling for an eviction. He will then help out with further matters, should the tenant not cooperate.

M. Lynn Dunlap is ready to put his three decades of law practice to work in order to help you get your civil law matter solved.

Trusted Probate Services

After a loved on passes away, their estate usually needs to go through probate, which means that an executor is named to handle the estate. This person is responsible for handling claims from creditors and heirs, in addition to the estate taxes. Property and assets are then dispersed as directed by the will or in accordance with he deceased’s wishes. This process can take a long time, and it’s wise to have an experienced professional helping with the process so that you can get questions handled in a timely manner.

Work with A Civil Law Attorney in Twin Falls

Whether it’s a property dispute, eviction issues, or getting a loved one’s will through probate, Mr. Dunlap is ready to work with you. Call him at his office to set up a consultation to discuss your case and learn how he can help you get the results you desire.

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